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公司名称: 泰达猎头
公司性质: 国有企业    
公司规模: 100人    
公司行业: 中介服务    
工作经验: 8年以上 发布日期: 2019-04-18
最低学历: 本科以上 管理经验: 5年以上
工作性质: 全职 招聘人数: 1
综合月薪: 面议 职位类别: 质量管理·安检类
年龄要求: 32-45岁 福利待遇: 五险一金|交通补助|双休|年底双薪|常白班
工作地点: 天津市武清区
职位描述(Job Descriptions):
active assistance to the project team for getting the products ready for series production
·    support of the change management within the frame ofquality issues
·    Quality system management including procedure and documents. Process control.
·    Quality representive
·     processing the costumer complaints in project stage
·    supporting the QS (from series production) with modifications and complaints in context of the former project
·    test planning inclusive all necessary devices and creating the corresponding requirement specifications
·    inspection of goods-in / goods-out in project phase until starting the series production
·    execution of internal process audits in project phase and supporting the external process audits
·     handing over relevant quality themes from the project phase to the quality manager in series production
·    coordination and execution of the sampling to the costumers
·     coordination and execution of sampling from the suppliers with support from the purchase department
·    analysing and monitoring of defined methods in projects
·     ensuring the parts labelling and traceability
·    creating the process control plan for the preproduction run 
·    defining test instructions
·    evaluating the test objects in project phase
·    procurement of original samples
·    creating of failure and feature catalogs
·    setting up ppm agreements in collaboration with the costumers
·    projectspecific planning of the requalification
·    consideration of discards and failures in project phase 
·    updating the maturity level of components
·    defining internal SC/CC features togehter with the development
·    setting up test plans in cooperation with the development 
·    implementing and executing test requirements, monitoring the documentation
·    creating concepts of measuring and examining
·    supporting concepts of general
·    close cooperation with all departments of development and technical support
·    close cooperation with the laboratory and the measurement engineering
·    support and maintenance on IMDS
·     supporting and executing the series sampling in the context of the change management syste
·    moderating the FMEA meetings
·    blocking and releasing of outsourced parts, semi-finished products and finished products until starting the series production
·    take resposibility as customer representive

职位要求(Job Requirements):
experienced in the automotive industry, ideally in quality control
execution of internal process audits, quality methods, project working, English skills, driver licence, FMEA, component testing
Personal competence: negotiation abilities, dealing with customers, structured working, capacity for teamwork
联系方式(Contact us):
E-mail: resume@hiwaydog.com,或直接在线申请注册简历,如果简历合适我们会第一时间跟您联系~
公司简介(Company Information):
泰达猎头 泰达猎头
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